I'm kind of always in my own little world. I either talk too much or not enough. I really enjoy drawing but I seem to have lost my inspiration. I have a slight obsession with Triton, Io, and Europa. Feel free to talk to me or ask anything c:
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I saw the 1975 again on monday, met them after the show and matty called me babe and darling. I guess you call tell I’m a complete mess right now. I printed out like 100 signs saying “You look so cool” and everyone held them up during the end of robbers and matty was speechless. I threw my sign on stage and he held it up and gave me his last guitar pick in return. He also gave us a group hug during the show so my face was buried into his bare chest. They came out around 1-2 am and he thanked me again for the whole signs thing and hugged me twice. This was basically the best night ever and I’m constantly torn between being happy and terribly sad because I want to go back so bad.

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Girls are told to be skinny but not too skinny and to wear makeup but not so much that guys can tell and to dress in revealing clothes but not too revealing or else you’re a slut and a hundred other contradictory standards so I think guys can deal with being made fun of for wearing fedoras

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editorial design antics, pt. 2

this looks like a normal magazine spread right



if you look really closely on one of the melons i put a really tiny pterodactyl right in the middle


no one noticed

and they actually published it

now there are 2000 copies of this magazine featuring this tiny pterodactyl and i’m the one at fault

oh my god am i a horrible person or what

If I could live one day the way you live your entire life